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트라이온은 고객의  연구 개발에서 최상의 결과를 끌어낼 있도록 가장 적합한 제품 및 서비스를 제공합니다.

전세계 R&D 시장의 최신 트렌드에 발맞춰 고객의 프로젝트에 필요한 기술과 제품을 앞서 제안합니다.

트라이온은 고객과의 협업을 중요시하는 믿을 만한 파트너 사로 성장해 왔습니다.

앞으로 당신의 성공적인 프로젝트에 트라이온이 항상 함께 하겠습니다.    

TRION provides products, technical solution and consulting services for your successful projects through our rich experience & knowledge.

Professional Operations

We provide the best products of all around the world to make customers expect remarkable achievement in their research and development. TRION possesses the technical know-how and abundant experience so that we can propose the best solutions to our customers. 

Aggressive Sales

TRION is a solutions provider committed the selling and marketing of technical services and products. We provide the aggressive support with the partner companies to our customers. 

Reliable Partner

Based on the fidelity and the confidence, TRION always would be the most reliable partner. TRION has the partnership with the advanced- experienced company in the world to provide the best technologies and the services. 

Customized Services

We provide the customized services accroding to the customers' needs. According to the changes of international R&D market, TRION predicts and proposes the upcoming products and technology whcih the customers require.


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